Panatug Panamá


Panatug is a Panamanian subsidiary of ULTRATUG, managing projects in the Caribbean and Central America with the capacity to offer and operate in Panama and any other country in the region.



Las Brujas Av. Building 3835, Suite 102C, Panamá Pacífico. See Website
Artug Argentina


Artug is the result of the integration of ANTARES NAVIERA (Subsidiary of Ultratug) and RUA – Naviera del Sur. Covering major Argentinian ports, Artug operates a fleet of 11 tugboats, the country’s most powerful fleet; with a presence in San Lorenzo, Rosario, Escobar, Buenos Aires, La Plata, Necochea and Bahia Blanca.


Rodolfo Munclus Mendez
General Manager
+54 11 39907427
+54 1161891259

25 de mayo 555, piso 22, Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina. See Website
Urutug Uruguay


Urutug Remolcadores S.A. is the subsidiary of Ultratug in Uruguay, operating at Punta Pereira Port since 2014. With two ASD tugboats of 61 tons Bollard Pull, Urutug serves Montes del Plata cellulose plant.

Also, Ultratug, in partnership with ETE from Portugal thru a company named Transfluvial Navegación S.A serves the company Montes del Plata needs to transport wood thru the Uruguay river to their cellulose plant. Transfluvial provides the service with 2 pushers and 4 barges specially designed for this operation.

Rincon 500, piso 5, CP 11000, Montevideo, Uruguay.
Wilson Sons Ultratug Offshore Brazil


Wilson Sons Ultratug Offshore, is a joint venture between Ultratug and Wilson Sons from Brazil, offering maritime support services to oil and gas platforms and other offshore units with an owned fleet of 23 PSVs (platform supply vessels). It is one of the largest and most modern carrying Brazilian flag and primarily built in the Wilson Sons Group Shipyard. Our ships are designed to provide services supporting the supply logistics of equipment, fluids and materials between operation bases and the offshore platforms along all Brazilian coasts.

Carlos Prado
Commercial, Projects & Technical Support
+55 21 3504 6065
+55 22 99995 7283

Rua da Quitanda 86, 5° e 6° Andares, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, 20091-902, Brazil.
Japina Ecuador


JAPINA is an Equatorian company subsidiary of ULTRATUG; Headquartered in Guayaquil, operating since 2007. Japina offers its clients a modern, safe and reliable fleet, whose human and technological resources guarantee high levels of productivity and efficiency.

Japina´s fleet is the most powerful in the country; positioned at Guayaquil, Posorja, La Libertad Oil Terminal and Monteverde LPG Terminal.


Fausto Moncayo
General Manager
+593 4 3841847 |

+593 9 99512129

Napoleon Sotomayor
+56 34 250 1407 |

 +593 99 3001912

Ave. 25 de Julio, Km. 2,5 S/N. Via Pto. Maritimo, Guayaquil, Ecuador.

Petranso Perú


Headquartered in Lima, Petranso is one of the leading operators in Peru, providing services such as port towage, salvage, offshore supply to ships, support in the building of maritime terminals, and special operations. These services are based on the management and safe operation of a modern and powerful fleet of 14 tugs distributed along the Peruvian coast, with a presence in the major ports of the country.


Alvaro Valdés
General Manager
+ 51 1 513 9300

Juan Antonio Secada
Commercial Manager
+ 51 1 513 9300 

Francisco Quiroz
Commercial Operator
+ 51 1 513 9300 

Marco Gutiérrez
Commercial Operator
+ 51 1 513 9300 

Av. Manuel Olguín 501 – Piso 12, Edificio Macros, Lima, Perú. See Website
Mextug méxico


Mextug is the subsidiary of Ultratug in Mexico, operating at Lazaro Cardenas Port since 2017.

With high qualified Mexican crewmembers, ISM Certified and a modern and versatile fleet of 3 ASD tugboats with an average age of 7 years.; executing around 3,500 maneuvers per year.

Boulevard de las Islas No.1, Módulo 12, Col. Isla del Cayacal, Lázaro Cárdenas, México. See Website
Coltugs Colombia


Coltugs is the result of the integration of ULTRATUG and COREMAR, a Colombian Business Group. With more than 60 years of experience, these companies are leaders in the maritime industry in their home countries, thanks to their outstanding human assets and the quality of their operations.

Coltugs headquarters are located in Bogota, Colombia, with branch offices in the main Colombian ports: Santa Marta, Barranquilla, Cartagena, Coveñas, and Buenaventura. With the capacity to provide services in other ports such as Tolu, Puerto Brisa, and Tumaco, among others.

Silvia Herrera
General Manager
+57 601 3907358 |
+57 314 2047983

Diana Villarreal
Commercial Manager
+57 601 3907358 |
+57 313 8929324

Cristian Franco
Operations & Fleet Manager
+57 601 3907358 |
+57 313 4554847 

Calle 81 # 11-55, Torre Norte, Of. 401, Bogotá, Colombia. See Website
Ultratug en Chile


Ultratug is one of the leading operators in Chile, providing services for more than 60 years. With a versatile fleet of more than 25 units, Ultratug provides services to all types of vessels that require assistance, such as container ships, tankers, bulk carriers, cruise ships, Ro Ro’s and we strive to be the preferred partner at LNG, Terminals, mining companies, as well as Monobuoys/Oil Terminals based on long-term contracts; achieving the highest safety standards in the industry. It also provides pilot transfer and escort at both ends of the Strait of Magellan.

datos de flota

Cristián Lyon
CEO Ultratug
+56 2 2630 1006

Jorge Taulis
Commercial Manager
+56 2 2630 1017 |

 +56 9 6297 4594

Nils Stolzenbach
Operations Manager
+56 2 2630 1006  |

 +56 9 6844 0631

Carlos Bastias
Special Operations Manager
+56 2 2630 1039 |

+56 9 9237 8626

El Bosque Norte 500, 19th floor, Las Condes, Santiago of Chile. 
Working tug-ether to supply America’s ports with reliable vessels

Ultratug is one of the leading tugboat suppliers within Latin America; it is part of the Ultranav shipping group, specialising in the operation of tug, salvage and offshore vessel fleets. With over 15 years’ experience at the group, CEO Cristián Lyon spoke in depth about the current economic climate within the tug and offshore vessel industry with Daniel Barnes and Imogen Ward.