Cristián Lyon

Cristián is a Commercial Engineer who joined the Ultramar Group in 2007. He started his path in Ultratug Chile as a Projects Engineer and Management Controller for three years and a half. Then, he moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina to work as Chief of the Offshore division in Antares Naviera, operating 4 AHT’s in the South of Argentina, and 1 AHTS in the north of Brazil. After studying an MBA in the IE Business School in Madrid, he returned to Ultratug in Chile, to look for Harbour Towage and Offshore opportunities around the world as the Business Development Manager of the Holding until joining Coremar Coltugs as CEO in 2017. In 2021 Cristián took the position as CEO of Ultratug. He is a Chilean citizen and resides in Chile.

Silvia Herrera

Silvia is a professional in finance and international relations and has a Master’s degree in International Business from Griffith University, Australia. In addition to a successful career in other industries, Silvia has an extensive professional career within the Ultramar/Ultranav group of companies. Since 2011 she has held different management and project positions in Chile, in Ultramar and Ultratug, and for 8 years in Development, Logistics and Oil & Gas sectors at the Naves agency in Colombia where she participated in many offshore exploration projects. Silvia is part of Ultratug since June 2019; from April 2021 as the General Manager of Coltugs.

Fausto Moncayo

Fausto joined Ultramar Group in 2006 and initiated the formation of JAPINA S.A. society in Ecuador. He started his career in liner shipping, where he worked at Transportes Navieros Ecuatorianos (TNE) in charge of the container Logistics department up to the year 1996. In 1997 worked at the Guayaquil Port Authority (APG) managing all port operations in its Jurisdiction as Port Operation Manager. In 1998 he was hired to start a project, the private terminals complex in Isla Trinitaria, founding TRINIPUERTO Bulk Terminal as CEO and developing the projects of Bananapuerto (DOLE Standard Fruit Terminal) and Terminal Portuario de Guayaquil container Terminal (TPG). In 2005 he joined the Wilh. Wilhemsen group to create Barwil shipping agency services in Ecuador. Mr. Moncayo holds an MBA in Project Management (Universidad Viña del Mar) and graduated as Economist at the Universidad Catolica, Guayaquil. He is Ecuadorian and resides in Ecuador.

Rodrigo Valderas

Rodrigo is a Chilean Industrial Engineer who joined the Ultramar Group in 1993. He started his career in Ultranav as an apprentice in Shipping Business Administration, and after 17 years in different positions at Transmares (Ultranav’s Division), he was promoted to Ultratug in 2010, where he took positions as Planning and Controller Manager and as Business Development Manager. In 2016 he was promoted as Fleet and Operations Manager of Coltugs in Colombia, and in 2017 he joined Mextug as CEO. Mr. Valderas holds an MBA from the Universidad Catolica de Chile, a Diploma of International Business from the Universidad de Santiago de Chile and a degree in Shipping Business Administration from INSALCO, Chile. He is a Chilean citizen and resides in Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico.

Álvaro Valdez

Álvaro joined the Ultramar Group as CEO of Naviera Transoceanica in Lima, Peru in January of 2011. He previously acquired extensive experience as CEO in different industries while working for companies mainly related to the Wholesale and Retail Distribution of Hydrocarbons and also in B2B Technology Sectors in South America, Europe and the Middle East. Mr. Valdez serves as board member of a leading company managing private funds as well as companies directly related to Naviera Transoceanica. He holds a B.S. degree in Industrial Engineering from the Universidad de Lima (Lima, Peru), and later obtained an M.S. degree in Management Science at Lehigh University (Pennsylvania, USA) and an MBA from Northern Illinois University (Illinois, USA). Mr. Valdez is a Peruvian citizen and currently resides in Lima, Peru.

Diego Moltini

Diego Moltini is a Chemical Engineer who joined Ultramar Group in 2011, after developing a successful career in Shell Marine and other important maritime organizations, always related to the sale of products and services to the marine industry. From 2011 until 2020 he has been in charge of the Uruguayan Shipping Agencies located in Uruguay and Paraguay. From 2015, he has acted as a board member of the Uruguayan Navigation companies URUTUG and TRANSFLUVIAL . In May 2020, Diego took the position as CEO of both Uruguayan companies, which operate port tugs services and wood log transportation under long-term contract with Montes del Plata (Stora-Arauco joint venture paper mill). Diego is an Uruguayan citizen and resides in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Rodolfo Munclus

Mr. Rodolfo Munclus joined the Ultramar Group in 2001, where he began his career in Rio Lujan Navegación S.A. as part of the Commercial and Operations Area. Later, he moved to Antares Naviera working in the tugboat division in charge of the Commercial & Operations Department. In 2021, Rodolfo took the position as CEO of Remolcadores Artug S.A. The new company is operating 11 tugboats covering main local ports. Mr. Rodolfo Munclus holds a Degree in Business Administration and a MBA at IAE Business School. He is an Argentinean citizen and lives in Buenos Aires.