Company history

Ever since the arrival to Chile of our German built tug “ULTRAMAR” in 1966, the incorporation of state of the art technology has been one of our fundamental aims. This first tug was equipped with a Kort nozzle, a novelty at that time. Since then, we have gradually increased our fleet and adapted to market requirements in line with the latest available technology, thus expanding our services to other countries in the South American region. Twenty years later and aligned with this purpose, we introduced to Chile and the region the first ASD tug “ULTRAMAR X”, which was positioned in Punta Arenas. Today more than 75% of our harbour fleet is composed by ASD tugs.

Presently, our tugs and offshore vessels operate in and between all the major ports along the Pacific and the Atlantic coasts of South America.

We are expanding our coverage as well as our mix of services by offering pusher tugs and barges for river coastal trade in Uruguay and PSV for the offshore market in Brazil.

Our crews are one of the pillars of the company, receiving in-house training under strict trade standards. Our personnel working in salvage, ocean towage and off-shore operations receive additional training from international experts and they are well prepared to perform their highly specialized tasks.

Our first tug boat, the mythical "Ultramar" delivered on 1965