Cristián Lyon

CEO Ultratug

Cristián is a Commercial Engineer who joined the Ultramar Group in 2007. He started his path in Ultratug Chile as a Projects Engineer and Management Controller for three years and a half. Then, he moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina to work as Chief of the Offshore division in Antares Naviera, operating 4 AHT’s in the South of Argentina, and 1 AHTS in the north of Brazil. After studying an MBA in the IE Business School in Madrid, he returned to Ultratug in Chile, to look for Harbour Towage and Offshore opportunities around the world as the Business Development Manager of the Holding until joining Coremar Coltugs as CEO in 2017. In 2021 Cristián took the position as CEO of Ultratug. He is a Chilean citizen and resides in Chile.