our vision

To provide maritime and harbor towage support, giving our customers a service that is distinguished by its reliability, efficiency and safety.

our Culture

Ultratug history started in 1966, with the arrival in Chile of the German built tug “ULTRAMAR”, to complement the activities of the ship agency company founded in 1952 by Captain Albert von Appen and also called Ultramar. During years of diversification and international growth, Ultratug has had a value-based culture as one of its core pillars of sustainability. Our company’s core values drive the success of our business and ensure its outstanding performance and promising future.




Our Values

»We are committed to developing and stimulating a safe working culture on-board ships and ashore. We place safety first, to keep health, life, environment, cargoes and assets free of risks. We believe that safety is an integral part of our mind-set and key to our business success.«


Our Values

»We seek to contribute competitiveness to our customers by anticipating and meeting their needs. We encourage creativity and innovation, introducing solutions that are beyond the ordinary. We strive to continuously improve the quality and effectiveness of services rendered.«


Our Values

»We believe that personal commitment and work well done makes a difference. We challenge ourselves to create value and exceed customers’ expectations. We are passionate about our work and our company.«


Our Values

»We act in an ethical manner, focused on sustainability and safeguarding our reputation. We encourage personal and professional development and a fair balance between work and private life. We promote team spirit in a multicultural environment, without discrimination of any kind.«

The Ultratug General Business Principles drive the behaviour expected of every employee in Ultratug in the conduct of its business at all times.

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All Ultratug stakeholders, be they employees, customers, suppliers, the community or the competition are invited to raise their doubts and/or make whistleblowing reports on the activities undertaken by our organisation through the Whistleblowing Platform found on the website of Ultratug.

All information reported is treated in a confidential manner. The company’s Integrity Committee will critically evaluates all incoming reports and addresses issues according to our principles.

How to access our whistleblower platform

Our whistleblowing site is operated in partnership with Gestión Social, an independent third-party contractor, that guarantees the privacy or the anonymity of your report and any information transmitted through this website.

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